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Migrate Emails using imapsync




Install imapsync on old or new server, you could also install it on your computer if your running Linux . Since imapsync establish connection between old and new imap server to sync the emails you could use any machine that can run imapsync to move emails from one server to another.

On Ubuntu

apt-get install imapsync

On Centos

yum install imapsync


Step 2


Run the below command replacing details that match your old and new server,Remember to create email account on new server so that there is a empty mailbox to sync with old server mail box

/usr/bin/imapsync \
–host1 –user1 –password1 password-for-the-account \
–host2 –user2 –password2  password-for-the-account


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Migrate SVN to another server in 4 simple Steps

Step 1

Install svn on the new server

Step 2

dump SVN repository on old server using below command

svnrdump dump -r0:HEAD > chat.svn_dump

Note : replace the url in example with the actual repo url you want to backup

Step 3

Create blank repo on new server using below command

svnadmin create /path/to/repository

Step 4

svnadmin load /path/to/repository < chat.svn_dump


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